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Data Analytics Platform

Get real-time visibility into your key parking metrics, regardless of your hardware system, to better understand consumer behaviors, make pricing decisions, and allocate staffing needs.
Apply the tried and true dynamic pricing methods of the airline and hotel industries to maximize your occupancy rate and to improve your revenue by 5% to 20%.

Consulting Services

We are your in-house parking consultant. With our deep industry expertise, we can support your yield management goals, help you enact policy changes, increase revenue, etc.

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Fully Smart

Our solutions are not just about providing Tech solutions. We also offer consulting services to determine the best strategies.

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We love to know our customers satisfied with our solutions. They increase their income while maximizing occupancy.

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Data Analytics Platform

Smartest way to pilot your parking management

Centralized and visualized data for easy, real-time access to your parking performance. Get rid of spreadsheets and manual data aggregation.

Get real-time visibility into your key parking metrics, regardless of your hardware system, to make pricing decisions, allocate staffing needs, and better understand consumer behaviors.

Real-Time Data

Visualize your parking lot performance with granular details like customer type, date range, YOY comparison, etc.

Modulable Data

Create beautiful visualizations with your data. Use the features of our platform to display the data you want.

User-Friendly Platform

We are committed to creating a user-friendly platform that prioritizes your needs and enhances your experience.

Yield Management Module

Smartest way to increase your revenue

We are industry agnostic, accustomed to understanding different types of businesses and thus satisfying all of our clients' needs. Our Yield Management Module solution for Parking, allows you to increase your revenue by 5% to 20%.

Our Yield Management Module can be automated and therefore act as a game-changing feature that automates parking prices based on historical and predicted demand patterns, helping you to increase occupancy during low demand times.

Airport ➡️ 9% optimization
Shopping Mall ➡️ 13% optimization

Consulting Services

The service you need to increase your revenue

Our software, our teams and your teams are all committed to the success of your business. We are all interconnected with the aim of increasing your performance.

Software is just the beginning of our end-to-end solutions. Plus, we provide you with full lifecycle and 7 days a week support.

Commercial Support
With our deep industry expertise, we can support your performance goals, help you implement policy changes, increase revenue, etc.
Training Support
We understand the challenges of technology adoption within businesses and are present at every stage to enhance your experience.
Marketing Support
Need to evaluate your ROI? We measure and document your success to support your marketing efforts and help you grow your business.

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